Beyonce: Formation Tour Nashville – The Do Over (from a non-biased Beyonce fan)

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The original Formation Tour was scheduled for May 5, Cinco de Mayo, Lemonade had recently launched, and I had my ticket for my FIRST Beyonce performance.
The week of the original concert, Ticketmaster announced that the Nashville leg of the tour was rescheduled to an, at the time, unknown date.   The rumors began to swirl about who was at fault for The Formation Tour being postponed; was it Nissan stadium renovations or the lackluster ticket sales from the Nashville market?  Either way, I was put off by the last-minute concert change and opted to receive my refunded money.  Also, I do not consider myself to be a member of the infamous fan club “the BeyHive’ nor have I listened to the album Lemonade and viewed its visual imagery.  I thought I would be ok to “miss this one.”

However, as the date approached of the Formation Tour Do Over, I  began to regret my decision to not attend because I understand her significance. Luckily, an hour before the show, I connected with the Jazzy Nash ladies, and for that, I am so glad I didnt miss The Formation Tour.  I feel like my life has been enhanced because it has been blessed by Beyonce’s excellence.

Doors at Nissan Stadium opened at 5:30pm and the show was scheduled to begin at 7:30 pm.   People were inside the stadium social media’ing pictures of friends and other kindred Beyonce fans.  Folks were dressed in signature Beyonce wardrobe themes: big hats, sparkly rompers, distressed and ripped jeans and tops; EVERYONE was in formation.

DJ Khaled hit the stage about 8pm with his hype hits “All the Way Up, All I Do is Win, mixing in other hip hop songs, preparing the crowd ready to see Beyonce.

Beyonce arrived on stage at 9pm.   My heart started beating really hard and I screamed when saw her – Queen Beyonce.

See my Instagram video  of Beyonce entering Nissan Stadium to Formation by clicking the link here.

Beyonce’s performance and choreography tell a story that only she can paint as expressively and CLEARLY as she does with her music, dance, imagery, lighting, and sound.  To see her in person is nothing short of awe-striking and inspirational.  I mean that woman can dance and sing and BREATHE, at the same time, like I’ve never seen.   Beyonce is iconic.  She Slays. I mean, she really does.

She exaggerates every neck snap to the beat. She squats for tribal-based dancing and balances on elevating platforms. You can see in her choreography she is inspired by Michael Jackson (Hi Billie Jean) and Janet Jackson (Hey Rhythm Nation).  Behind Beyonce on stage, were a troupe of at least 20 lady dancers behind her, and if I’m not mistaken,  her drummer and guitarist were ladies as well, from what I could tell during their stage solos.  All these things being lady driven, I believe, are done with intention.  Formation.  The quality of the production of the Formation Tour, the images, the detail, all depicted a woman who is The epitome of her career, her purpose, and embracing the fierceness of her womanhood power.

In the past, I have always felt Beyonce always sang what she was told to sing or what was catchy, and not things that were in her heart.  I noticed a change in her music after she got rid of her father as her manager (related or unrelated).  It was then that I noticed that Beyonce was shedding that public relations conscious music and putting out music that was about the conclusions SHE had come to about life, from her experiences.  I love the album “Beyonce” and her empowering songs were performed at the Formation Tour including  “Who Run the World (Girls)” and “Flawless.”  I like how she is unapologetically Beyonce with a song titled “Aint Sorry”, as well as her being able to express her sexuality with ballads like “Rocket” and “Partition.”

But when I saw her perform at the Formation Tour….It is now that I understand and connect with her and her expression through music and dance. I get it.  The intensity of a woman who is clear on her views from the experience of the Formation Tour put it all together for me.  Beyonce is a woman who is just like me; one who struggles through a male dominated world view, that struggles with societal views of beauty and sexuality, and who has whole-heartedly embraced her darker not so socially accepted side formerly known as Sasha Fierce.  All of these are wrapped up into one woman that is Beyonce.   What she stands for and how she communicates those values now simply come OUT of her through beauty, song and images.  And she knows you will listen.  And she knows she will slay. And I can see Beyonce owning all of who she is. And I’m here for ALL of it.


Beyonce is performed her purpose, telling her story through song at the Bridgestone Stadium that holds at least 20,oooo people this past Sunday night.   Her stage set-up consisted of at least 15 tractor trailer trucks of equipment and hundreds of workers that travel with her to set up and take down the massive staging.

I can even SEE her coming into her own physically as she even resembles her mother and sister – both quiet and strong. (Shameless plug, if you like my blog then please go get Solange’s latest album “A Seat at The Table” and thank me later).

The focal point of her stage set up was a HUGE cube that opened to staged and costumed dancers.  The four viewable sides of the cube were screens that showed images that supported the different themed stage sets.  There was then a walkway that extended to the left and right of the stage, as well as down the middle of the floor and then to left like the letter L.  Each wardrobe change she retreated back into the Beyonce cube, and came out with a different costume as the cube displayed images of her and her family.   Here are some bullets about the highlights of the show:

  • There were 5 wardrobe changes.  I won’t insult the fabulousness of them so I’ve provided a link to read about them in detail.
  • She had a goth part of the show where she remixed her music with Ozzy Osbourne overtones and danced in a pool of water, slinging wet hair everywhere, a la Flashdance.
  • She performed a tribute to Prince by singing “I Want You” which was immediately followed by Purple Rain.  The Nissan stadium was aglow with everyone’s’ cell phone lights and was chillingly beautiful.
  • Her last song was my favorite stadium song, and it gave me chills, Halo, complete with fireworks for the grand finale.

Beyonce had flames, fireworks, and confetti.  I almost started to rip open the pieces of confetti for my Beyonce prize.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she hides out after this tour is concluded this month.  After she drops off her coins at the bank I’m sure she’s headed to the South of France to relax on a Yacht.
At least that’s what I would do.
So thank you again to Jazzy Nash shoes for sponsoring this event – I am such a grateful social butterfly.  The Formation Tour has so changed my life that I want to end this post with my favorite Beyonce quote:
“Changed the game with that digital drop/Know where you was when that digital popped/ I stopped the world Male or female, it make no difference /I stop the world /World stop… Carry on”
Queen Bee
So what was your favorite part of The Formationn Tour?  Why Do You Like Beyonce?
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