Bermuda Triangle: Debut of A PowerHouse

While I was out social butterflying at another event, Brittany Howard was debuting her new group Bermuda Triangle at the Basement East.  Nashville is growing so much and I can’t get to every single event not to mention it sold out incredibly fast.

Check out this reader submission from Syr Johnathan of the event and experience below! (THANK YOU)!

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As I walked into the Basement East to hear the debut of the Super Trio know as “Bermuda Triangle”, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had only heard music from one of the Artist “ Brittany Howard” who is the Lead Singer for Alabama Shakes (which has several hit songs). However, being that I loved her I knew that she would not disappoint in this newly formed TRIO.

The night started out slowly with people rolling in at around 7:45. You could feel positive energy all around. There was drinks, smiles, and laughter flowing around.  I knew that this night was going to turn out alright. Peopled mingled in the dimly lit room as they patiently awaited the first group to take the stage. Twenty-five minutes went by and you heard the mic crackle as it powered up. Everyone turned around to see that to see that Liz Cooper & the Stampede had just taken the stage. The first song that they performed was infectious. The rhythm and Liz’s voice absolutely took you to a time in life where you had no cares in the world at all. As the group performed you could see it in their faces that they truly loved what they were doing and it made the audience love them even more. Once they finished their set; peopled mingled and got drinks. Energy still high.

At 9:20 pm the next group to perform was Becca Mancari and her band. She stood up on the stage with a guitar that was as big as she was. But her personality, heart, and voice were just as big. Her voice and her stage presence demanded that you look and respect her. As she and her band played their set, the energy built up even more. By this time, there had to be at least 100 plus people in the in the club listen, laughing, joking, drinking, and awaiting Bermuda Triangles Debut.

By this time, there had to be at least 100 plus people in the in the club listen, laughing, joking, drinking, and awaiting Bermuda Triangles Debut.

The wait was finally over! At about 10:17 pm The moment that everyone had been waiting on was here. After listening to both groups perform and standing shoulder to shoulder with what seemed to be 200 are so people in a club where the temperature easily reach well into the 90’s.  You could feel the excitement in the room as Brittany Howard, Liz Cooper, and Becca Mancari took the stage in their Hawaiian shirts to perform as “Bermuda Triangle”. They started the set out with Brittany Howard talking about how hot it was in the Basement East, so they needed to tune their guitars. And she also told people that they needed to buy the shirts that had been designed and print just that morning. They cracked a couple jokes as they messed around with the drum machine, tuned the guitars, and tuned the banjo. There was also a bass on the stage that no one had claimed. Later Brittany would show the crowd her skills on the base; an instrument that she has never played in front of anyone.

By the time that Bermuda Triangle played that night everyone was buzzed up and covered in sticky sweat. But it didn’t matter because the music was so good. All three of their voice mingle together like they had been performing twitch each other for years. This was an experience of a lifetime filled with joys and sadness. The sadness is that this may be that last time that they perform together; the joy being that you got to witness artistic and musical history brought to us by She Shreds Magazine. As they left the stage after the last song people cheered, yelled, and clapped; in hope that the trio would take the stage and perform just one more song. Bermuda Triangle did come back to tease a little as they stepped on the stage, cut the drum machine on, and promptly left the stage. The show was finally over!!!! To salvage the memories of the night people went and bought keep sakes in hope to never forget this historic night.

The Trio stood at the exit giving hugs, telling jokes, and taking group pictures with the fans as they walked out the indie palace wondering.

Will there ever an album by the Bermuda Triangle? I guess that we will just have to wait and see. Stay tuned.


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