Blogging the Ballet Ball 2017 Part One // The Rehearsal

The journey to figuring out my passion has been tough to initiate at times but looking back, it is so clear.  Of all the activities I attend/cover, they usually fall under the music and arts areas of the lifestyle category so when I received the invitation to attend the 2017 Ballet Ball I was more than thrilled.  Look over my blog — its main music, some rants, some developments, some people, but all somewhat centered around the music.  So combine the iconic Fisk Jubilee Singer in a performance with the Nashville Ballet, plus performances by Emmy/Grammy/Dove award winning (and super charming) artist Shannon Sanders and rock blues duo Muddy Magnolias.  I knew this was something special.  I love to get dolled for an event with a cause.  I believe in the music and the arts — the Nashville Ballet and the National Museum of African American music. It was almost like the Universe was giving me confirmation that I’m on the right path.  (Later I learned I was recommended by the National Museum of African American Music from my work on my blog and brand YUP. Opportunity. Straight like that. More about that later.).


I did my research, being the smart and prepared blogger I am, and a quick google search about the format of the party, ya know the theme, the location, the CROWD….Well, you do the research.So I read the invite, and I am invited to attend The Rehearsal, Interview both Shannon Sanders and Christopher Stuart, and attend the Ballet Ball Late Party (tickets valued at $150 ea) which included a performance of the Nashville Ballet

So I read and understand the invite and that I am invited to attend 1)The Rehearsal, 2).Interview both Shannon Sanders and  3). Christopher Stuart (amazingly good guy), and attend the Ballet Ball Late Party (tickets valued at $150 ea) at the BEAUTIFUL Schermerhorn Symphony.

Baby, you might as well have said I was invited to the Nashville Grammy’s (there was a red carpet and step and repeat and multiple photographers capturing your picture as you walked up to the Symphony stairs).  I felt like a movie star.

But I also completely understood my role, passionate about building my blog and brand and passionate about the music and arts I was there to take a seat at the table at the Nashville Ballet, on behalf of the National Museum of National American Music.

As I’ve grown in my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve learned to see and act upon opportunity everywhere to do what I do best and teach other to find that “thing” for themselves.  My job was to attend the event and be me: experience it, document it, appreciate and share with everyone how important the initiatives and projects that I’m passionate about – this one being National Museum of Africam American Music.  This is what it’s all about.  Game time.
Thank you Ron Christopher (Instagram @Macboyron) for the face beat.  I met him through my main MUA Kim (Instagram iam_mskls).  You know how you can’t cheat on your main.  They both were easy to work with, knew exactly what to do with my face, and put up with me eating while they were working, or me looking in the mirror while she’s trying to contour (whatever that means).  If you want to say hey to them, they are both living it up at MAC Cosmetics in Green Hills Mall.
So after learning that working in the public eye means I need to stay ready, so the day of the rehearsal I made sure I had a pretty day face, packed my tripod and prepared my recorder.  Ready.

Follow me.   Or at least let me break it down to you in my way of making sure I’m explaining it correctly: The Nashville Ballet is a company of full-time dancers.  They practice year-round taking their direction from the musical director and other members of the team.  Their steps are marked on the floor and special occasions perform on big stages in Nashville like TPAC and the Schermerhorn.  They are funded each year by donations and government programs supporting the music and arts.  The Nashville Ballet is located in West Nashville.  It’s quite a sight to see.  You drive through the neighborhood in West Nashville and out of no where pops up a theater.  The Nashville Ballet is adjacent to the Noah Life Opera Center.  I, unfortunately, missed the Nashville Opera event I was invited to earlier this year because I was booked for a gig.  The dots are connecting.  I arrive at the Nashville Ballet gave my name where I was greeted by PR and escorted into the performance hall with high mirrors, ballet bars against the walls, and bleachers for a small crowd.


Got it?


As I’m walking in I notice the familiar face of Shannon Sanders.  If you don’t know Shannon, its only because you haven’t met him.  To know him is to know a charismatic face that is as Nashville as it gets.  He’s still in the city and a familiar face in the music and arts scene.  Seeing him is recognizable, and I had to push through being star struck.  Below is my interview with Shannon Sanders


I also got the opportunity to interview the gentleman who choreographed the dance for the event – Christoper Stuart – 2o year veteran of the Nashville Ballet.  









Interview with Christopher Steward


Stay Tuned for Part 2  – the recap of the Ballet Ball!



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