5 Things You Should Know about Christiane Buggs for Schools

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5. She’s excited about #NewNashville. The growth in Nashville will bring different perspectives that can be used to collaborate and solve problems. “Specifically, education reform does not have to mean privatization or radical change,” Buggs added. “It can be change that is tactical in nature and is developed  based on the needs of the community…even as the community changes.”

4. She’s knowledgeable.  

I asked her to give me background on the school board district organization.  There are 9 district each one made up of various parts of city made up of various parts of city council districts based on the population of their location . The 2010 Census allowed for redistricting so the maps are a bit difficult to explain their boundaries because the boundaries aren’t straight line.  She also provided me with web links to where I could see the districts online.  How resourceful! 

Here is a Link to Davidson County School District Map.

Do you live in District 5? Click here to view District 5 Map and find out.

3. She’s qualified.

In our discussion I learned that she holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Tennessee State University as well as a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning in Urban Education from Vanderbilt University.   She said “…but  I began my career  in education long before I was a classroom teacher. I was a tutor at a MNPS middle school as a freshman in college, then worked as a counselor at a Boys and Girls Club before I completed my undergraduate work at Tennessee State University.  I got my first classroom of 6th grade students in 2009, then taught grades 6-8 over the next years.  In  2015 I began my work as an Assistant director of TRIO Programs (a federally funded tutoring program geared toward first generation middle and high school students – [read more about it here]).

2. She’s active and visible in the community.

In the community, I have worked as a volunteer cheerleading coach, volunteer basketball coach, and volunteer track coach. But my first role as an educator is one I still hold today.  I am the choreographer for the praise dancers at my church and have been since I was 15.  Teaching the girls over the years has developed in me my passion, style of teaching, patience, and quest to make education equitable. “

She is a member of the Urban League Young Professionals of Middle Tennessee, board member of the YMCA Black Achievers, and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

1. She has a vision for education in District 5.

Christiane solidified her decision to run for the school board seat in District 5 after seeing a gap that she could fill –by offering her teaching experience and perspective. “I want to offer ideas and recommendations to board level discussions so that resolutions are more practical in use.

If I were to be voted into office, I would like to rework the budget to allocate more funds to professional development and for additional personnel. I would also like to become more involved in discipline plan implementation at the board level. My goal is to have more access to student data that may show specific demographics of students being disciplined disproportionately. I want to be in a position to offer practical, effective alternatives.”

To support your or learn more:

Please visit www.buggsforschools.com where you can hear about her mission, connect with her social media, send her an email, or sign up to volunteer your time, services, or make a financial pledge.  

Christiane and I met for brunch so that I could connect and interview her.   I asked her to offer her advice for anyone looking to run for school board in their district.  Find out her advice as well as see the pictures from our meeting below:




I asked Christiane:

Q:  What’s the best bit of professional advice for anyone who is interesting in pursuing a career in education?

A: Be sure to research the educator prep program you will enter and determine if it might adequately prepare you (considering your educational background and life experiences up to that point) for your time in the classroom. Also, be sure you have a firm understanding of your own philosophy of education. Here are some questions you should consider: 1.Do you believe every child can learn? 2. Do you believe college is for everyone? 3. How accountable do you believe parents should be for their children’s education? 4. How accountable do you believe teachers should be for their students’ education? 5. Why do you want to be an educator and how far are you willing to go to educate students in your stead?  Knowing where you stand is important so you can speak to them and develop a strategy from your core values.


We had  a great time chatting at Nashville brunch favorite  Germantown Cafe in the Germantown area.  We both wanted the shrimp and grits, but she ended up ordering the shrimp omelette.  Of course, no brunch is complete without mimosas.  Check out the pictures from our conversation and brunch at Germantown Cafe.  Shouts out to Nashville Native and Small Business Owner Jodie Smith with Jai S Photography for the amazing pictures!



I am a hugger! – #ChristianeBuggsforSchools



I have no idea what I’m laughing at, but isn’t Christiane’s #Goddessbraid everything?!

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She’s driven, poised, and purposeful — I’m excited to see where she grows and where she goes with #NewNashville.  Grow with her yall!

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