5 Places for a Country Christmas in Nashville

In Nashville, there are several places to go that are low cost and high in the holiday spirit feel goods.  Today I’m sharing the 5 Places for a Country Christmas in Nashville.

5. Opryland Hotel 

I do not know how long it has been since I have taken a stroll through “The Cascades” at Opryland Hotel.   However, I remember having my high school prom as well as the AKA Cotillion at Opryland Hotel, making Opryland Hotel a sentimental place of memories for me and other Nashville natives. It’s over 4.5-acre indoor gardens and waterfalls are breathtaking year round, but during the holidays the scenery is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.  During the Christmas Holiday, the hotel adorns two million lights indoor and outdoors (they start stringing the lights in August) and outdoors there is a nativity scene. Grab your family or a loved one and stroll through for lots of holiday photo opportunities and plush indoor waterfalls.   In addition to the lights, the synchronized fountains are lit with holiday colors and festive music making it one of my picks for a Nashville Country Christmas.  Below is a video recapping all the events and festivities available at Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

4. Cheekwood

A beautiful public garden and fine arts event center lights up during the holiday season with enough lights to unravel from Nashville to Huntsville, AL (roughly 95 miles).  There are even two reindeer ( yes, reindeer are real, also known as caribou, and are family to the deer) named Holly and Jolly that you can feed, and a SMOREs station where you can make them over a fire, true to fashion.  Cheekwood is truly an all outdoor stroll, so be sure to bundle up.

3.  Dancing Christmas Lights

Grab the kids and load up the car for a drive through the Dancing Lights at Jellystone Park.  It costs $25 per car, so a lot of my friends play “how many kids can I fit in one car.”  I also challenge you to play your adult friends to decide who gets to drive the car packed full of children.  Seriously,  this is definitely a children’s trip, so be sure to get your silly mode on when riding through 15-minute holiday lighted drive with the sounds coming from your car radio.  That is if you can hear over all the children’s delight!

 2. Mayor’s Christmas Tree

The Mayor’s Christmas Tree is lit every year in the Courthouse Square and this year is a 38 foot Spruce.  At the top of 2nd Ave, this location is a perfect spot for a holiday picture and a great view down the lights of 2nd Ave.  Nashville Country Christmas at the heart of the city.

1.Holiday Lights on Houses 

The main signs of a Nashville Country Christmas are Christmas Lights on houses.  I personally do not want to deal with the strings and shorted bulbs, but when I see other homes lit with holiday lights, it makes me smile.  Holiday lights are such a big deal for a Nashville Country Christmas, that there are several known addresses of houses that are DECKED OUT:

2613 Old Charlotte Pike Franklin,  boasts over 65,000 lights and a Christmas tree that stretches TWENTY feet into the air is more than a stunning performance for the average home.

213 Lipton Court has been choreographed since 2008 and accepts tips and donations which are given to local charities.

288 Lake Terrace Drive Hendersonville, offers 50,000 synchronized lights and is made for even the smallest children to enjoy.  This location accepts canned food which is donated to Second Harvest Food Bank.

And to finish off the blog post, I’m adding a video to one of my favorite Christmas movies – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

This is the part where he announces the holiday lights, that he’s been struggling to string on the house.  If you witness all the challenges he’s had stringing the lights, you are held in so much suspense as he finally plugs them all in for the first time of the holiday season:



Happy Holidays to all the readers out there!


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