#34 on a Tuesday at Up Lounge

It’s been a little over a month since #34onatuesday, so thank you for waiting patiently for these pictures.  I also want to thank everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday, it really adds to a special day when you all take the time to send me those positive vibes. I  love knowing that from you all I can learn from, lean on, laugh with, and be myself with – thanks for your contribution to the person I am, online and offline.

*tear* *coughs* *clears throat*……….

Read on below to see how I developed my birthday “event, ” meet some of my friends and family, and finally  see candid and staged pictures from my 34th birthday party – #34 on a Tuesday!

I turned 34 on March 29, 2016, accurately at about 10:10pm.  If you don’t know me, my birthday is my favorite and my own personal holiday.  It is the day that I can, and usually do within reason, get a YES from all my friends at the same time to come hang out with me!  This tradition has been in place for the last five years.  Throughout those years my circle has changed and grown, as I’ve defined as what a friendship means to me.  Initially this gathering for my day of birth started as a girlfriend’s’ only outing  with dinner at a swanky restaurant.  Over the years, it has since grown into dinner and an event (comedy show, or concert) to this most recent 34 year old birthday, at full on cocktail hour event type of thing.  My circle is growing; I enjoying meeting people, connecting with them and I like to help people learn about new places to explore in Nashville.  I thought why not share my little known favorite lounge to my friends so that they can be just as excited about Nashville’s growth as I am.

One thing I pride myself about is knowing good people.  I will admit, it’s harder to make friends when you are older, and people’s lives can be so full of career, family, and commitments.  However, I rock with positive supportive vibes; girlfriends who will hold you down when you really need being held, support you and your endeavors, check you when you need to be checked, and pray for you when all else fails.  We don’t really “kee-kee” on the phone as much any more (kee-kee:  (verb) to call and chat on the phone about random nothings with really no point or purpose).  Moreso, my  girlfriends, we will check in with on one another at a given “ok I have not heard from her in a while, let me check on you” interval to make sure we are eating right, are in the right mind, and aren’t in any distress.  That works for me.

I invited all my girlfriends, my favorite ladies, to my birthday event because that’s who I want to celebrate with me, the people who know me the best and I can fully be myself.  I’ve also enjoyed the synergy happen when my girlfriends get to know and become friends with each other.  They will even ask about one another from time to time.  It prides me to know that I know genuinely good people and that they were able to be connected with each other; the world needs more good people and it makes me happy to get good people together to make friends.

I realized I was leaving out a large group of people who check in with me as much as my girlfriends…..my guy friends.   Now let’s be clear, I have categorized my guy friends into the ones who are genuinely my friends, and the ones that are hoping that things become more than friends.  I only invited my true guy friends.  They are the only ones that count anyway.  I’m talking about the guy friends who know my family, have helped my with my late brother, have helped me move all across Middle Tennessee, remind me that I am quality woman, and will also put me in check when I act too spoiled, guy friends.  They are just as valuable to me and honestly as I’ve gotten to know them, I’m pretty close to their spouses (or significant others).  I then thought:

Why not – Invite everybody to the party – Spouses and Significant others are welcome to come to #34 on a Tuesday!

I decided to have it at Up Lounge in the Gulch.  It’s one of my favorite places in the city.  I love city skylines and patios, and Up Lounge provided both.  The menu has great food and drinks, and is reasonably priced.  This place is somewhere I want to share with all my friends and I hope my friends make friends with each other while they are there were my exact thoughts.  I wanted my friends to take their friends to Up Lounge and be able to admire the city from the rooftop, that is, for lack of a better term, grown and sexy.  It’s just a nice unknown in Nashville and its great to meet a friend and catch up, have drinks with a date, I’ve even brought my laptop and done homework at Up Lounge.  So I decided on Up Lounge.  Location check.  I also thought it would be the perfect background for photos.   Let’s find a photographer.  Finally,  if you don’t know me, I am a sweets fanatic and what birthday (of mine) is complete without cupcakes. Check and check.

So, here are my formal acknowledgements (there were no sponsorships for this event):

Thank you to Up Lounge for the space and accomodations for large party!

Thank you to Daemon Watson Photography for capturing the candids and the elements of my day!

Thank you to Locklear Cakes – delicious and almost too perfect to eat!

Net/Net I love my birthday because I know good people and I want them to all to meet each other.  Next year, Lord willing, I’ll get us all back together again plus new people as well so we can all catch up and build upon those positive connections.


All the pictures from the party, were shot by Daemon Watson photography at the lounge both inside and on the patio, and are in no particular order.  Enjoy and thank you to my friends for learning me and loving me and celebrating with me!  Growing with Nashvillesocialbutterfly.com!


Karla 1
Hey girl, Hey!
Karla 4
Good buddy and grad school classmate Rodney Driver, PMP, with Marlon Umeadi smiling. I’m sure I was saying something intelligent 🙂
Karla 5
I love Katrese – she keeps me motivated, sane, and in check. Thanks sis. I really didn’t expect real gifts, so thank you!
79523editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Markeise Winters, a childhood friend of mine and Mrs. Kendra Watson who ministered to my soul when I first met her <3
7952 editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Alexis and I
7951editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Sherita Leslie, Makeup Artist and I
7943editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Ameris, my cousin Eric, and my cousin Ericka
7939editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Katrese and I
7937editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Katrese and I
7933editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
My sister Melodye and I – thank you for being such a great host for my birthday! <3
7932editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Katrese, myself, Melodye, and Markeise
7928editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Kelz (looking oh so fly) and I; photo by Teron
7926editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Crystal and I – one of the check in on me crew! Sisterfriends!
7919editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Good black men! L to R Decarlos, Marlon, Eric, Rodney, Orlando, Eric and I
7912editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
I’m sure I said something crazy LOL
7909editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Ok – me and everybody!
7894editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
The lovely Dorothy!
7891editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
The hot chicken tacos are everything!
7848editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
This! Connections happening all around the room!
7842editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
This the only pic together — me and Icewater.
7833editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Great picture 🙂
7816editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
My Buddy Love face!
7814editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy (1)
Cupcakes by Natasha Locklear!
My good friend Isaac and I
7828editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Kelz, Kari, myself and my cousin Whitney
7829editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Marlon, myself and Decarlos
7831editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy
Me being silly with Rodney, Marlon,and Decarlos
7807editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy (1)
Me – talking ish as usual LOL
Karla 13 (1)
The lovely Dorothy and I
Karla 14 (1)
My QB, my right hand and I

7893editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy 7889editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy 7886editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy 7860editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy 7856editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy 7853editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy 7839editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy 7836editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy 7835editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy 7832editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy 7825editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy

7806editedSBLOGOSBLOGO copy (1) Karla 15


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