3 Questions with Kelsey Montague Art #WhatLiftsYou

file-sep-27-7-58-16-pm“My murals specifically invite people into a piece and then invite people to share their experience online. I believe that art should not be separated from the human experience. Instead the human experience should have a hand in creating the art itself.” — Kelsey Montague

I caught up with the mural artist Kelsey Montague and she graciously answered three questions for the blog.

How did you ultimately transition into the mural style of art?

I was first very interested in street art when I was in school for art and design in London. After I graduated and moved to NYC I became even more obsessed with it and decided I wanted to try my hand at large-scale murals about 3 years ago. I was lucky to do a huge piece in Nolita, Manhattan and never looked back.

How long were you working at your brand before you got your first national opportunity?

I’ve been an artist my whole life. After I started doing street art it was about 6 months before I got the opportunity to work with United Airlines on a Valentines Day social media campaign. It was a dream come true.

What lifts you?

My family. My Mom, who is my artistic mentor, my Dad, who is my biggest supporter, and my sister, who is my business partner/manager.

Kelsey Montague Art will also be releasing an adult coloring book on October 11.   What a great idea!  Be sure to order yours.  I am for those times when I need to decompress my mind.

We at Nashvillesocialbutterfly.com wish Kelsey Montague Art and team safe travels as her October schedule takes them internationally to places such as Geneva, Sao Paolo, and Honolulu.  I know those murals will be inspirational to us all.

Friend of mine Maurice Sims has taken pictures with her mural in Nashville:


And two in San Diego:








Have you taken a pictures with Kelsey Montague Art?  Post your picture in the comments or tag me @nashvillesocialbutterfly so I can see them.


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