Spring Poetry

During Black History month,  I grew to read the poetry of Nashville write Mariah Cole (IG @outofmymouth).  She challenged herself to write a poem every day during the 28 days of Black History.  She smashed her goal and gained me as a fan.

With March comes spring and new beginnings.  I asked her to write a poem for Nashvillesocialbutterfly.com speaking to the spring symbolism.  Read what wrote me below.













Here’s the poem from Mariah Cole (IG @outofmymouth):

He gave me a winter love
Cold except under cover
Stored away in soft snow caps
He offered false, icy intimacy
Leaving my skin blistered
Freezing the breath in my mouth
I sat choking on it
Then suddenly
The earth turned on its belly
Temperatures rose
Sun rays thawed my chilled edges
Layers fell away
I had stepped into a new season
Seeds of self-love sprouted within
And I blossomed.
Gotta love the spring time!  New beginnings!  Blossoming Self Love!  Be sure to give Mariah a follow!
What new beginnings do you have going this spring?

KB The Nashville Social Butterfly

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