featured in Tennessee Tribune by the Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce

Whaaat?!  The Black Chamber of Commerce decided to feature ya girl in the Tennessee Tribune.  I can’t find the article online yet, but its in print.  I copied my submission below verbatim, after the jump.

“My name is Karla Burnett and I am Nashville Native with a passion for experiencing life.  Launching Nashvillesocialbutterfly in January 2016 as a cry for purpose, I’ve now taken my passion for adventure and experiences, am an ambassador for brands and a small business consultant connecting both brands and business ideas to their clients and customers through social media, imagery, and storytelling. I know what people want.  I recently left my corporate job to continue to build my brand and platform and I intend on making my days count, blogging each step of the way. Recently I came on board to be a cohost on The Scenario Radio Show, a progressive radio show for the Hip Hop Generation, and I currently serve on the marketing committee for Creatives Day Nashville.

Overall I changed my life and work to fit with who I am as a person: I love to meet new people, I love pop culture, I love to learn. I’m a natural beauty and I love to smile and have a bubbly personality to match. I am a no nonsense, tell it like it is natural beauty.  A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, I minored in Sociology, so intertwined in the people, places, and things you will also see campaigns address social change, such a stereotypes and prejudgement, poverty, and minority inclusion.  I can’t wait to work to implement my ideas with your community.”

KB The Nashville Social Butterfly

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