Let’s Catch Up/Finding My Way – 2017

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’m just caught up with everyone so I’ll recap my last quarter and give you the scoop on what’s coming to the blog in the first half of 2017.  I’d like to personally thank Life Strategist KG for encouraging me to continue to blog without hesitation.

Thanksgiving 2016 was spent on the road driving to visit family in  Denver, CO.   We had a great time with family and enjoyed the hotel accommodations sponsored by Omni Interlocken.  Mind you,  I was in the process of moving out of my apartment and to East Nashville before I left for the Thanksgiving road trip.  Everything was just about packed, and we took off for Denver with the notion of finishing out the move when we returned.

Returned, finished the move, and welcome to East Nashville — my car was stolen and totaled by some callous thieves.  That was really tough to experience.  Now, while I wrote about it after the holidays, I still spent quite a few of those days adjusting all around.  Happily, I can report the ratio of happy to sad is positive to the happy so onward I continue. I’ve just finished getting my settlement from the insurance company on my car.  I’m not thrilled about the settlement, but it is what it is.  A car will turn up in time.  I am relieved that the payments are no longer my responsibility.  I purchased my 2012 Nissan Altima Coupe in 2011 when I was grieving the death of my brother, a relationship.  I guess it means that the car has served its purpose and now its time to move on.  I will be looking for a cash car at the auto….OUT EAST.

The video and recap for the Omni Interlocken is in progress.  When we returned from Denver, the car theft really threw us for a loop.  We are finally settling down and getting caught up.

2016 was the year of exploration, stubbornness, and determination for me.  I found myself sad at the then present trajectory of my then life and desperately sought change.   I’ve been away from the typical corporate structure for about three months now and the change is drastic.  The world is so much larger, and your to-do list grows.  The days all seem the same – my Friday feels like a Sunday because I no longer have the Sunday blues or the Friday night excitement.  I quickly found that I would not be able to do all things and be all things and be effective.  I had to identify my areas of focus.

I spent 2016 thinking about what I wanted to create, what I felt like I was missing in my life, and how could I create something meaningful and passionate to motivate myself to drive it to fruition.  I attended several business entities, circles, and groups and I decided to focus my attention on the ones that fulfill me the most from a purpose perspective. The initiatives and opportunities to which my heart and soul were drawn to.  There I knew I would follow my same process as I did at work:  settle in, under the dynamics of the team, understand the problems, and figure out how to provide solutions with the business knowledge I’ve learned in my experiences these last 15 years.  That is my plan.

The Scenario Radio Show

I would like to announce that I am officially a co-host for The Scenario Radio Show.  I join  Van Johnson (creator), Brian Covington (Comedian and co-host), Relationships Host Miranda Lambert,  alongside our engineer and producer, Dana Fields and Zai Brown.  I believe in this show, the content, and the team.  I attended the show a few times, and it clicked in my head how much I wanted to be a full-time member on the show. I started to look forward to my time with the team every week, and I knew it was a great fit for my personality and goals of being my true authentic self.  I proposed to the current hosts about being on permanently, and they happily accepted!  Not only hosting but I am building it, working it PR and email marketing like I would my blog — because one KB is on the team, I am ALL IN.  You can find us live every Saturday from 5-7 or click here and we will send you the radio show directly to your email.

Creative Day

This annual day on was erected and inaugurated on October 22.  The goal of Creative Day,  in short, is to provide resources and support to budding artist and entrepreneurs.  This includes getting paid gigs, affordable housing, lawyer and legal services, copywriting, and talent development and management.  While I do not necessarily see myself as an artist, I do believe the path to entrepreneurship is one that should be illuminated and made readily available.  As with the trade schools.  College is not for everyone and the masses need to know that, although it will be a sacrifice, there are options for you to live the life you want to live.

Consulting: Blogging and Small Business Development

It has been a journey to get to the point where I can sell “what I do.”  However, when you see the opportunities, you can’t help but say “this is what I can do for you” and offer to help.  I am grateful that I have a partner who does not want me to be pressed for blogging but who wants me to build a blog that people seek out.   He too is an entrepreneur as well (I am still getting used to the title) and has been for four years so I look to him for tactics and process.  Everything is a process you know.  And processes have stages.  I have taken over his bookkeeping as well as his social media marketing and cold sales calling.

That being said – if you need help starting your small business, contact me, I’ll share what I’ve learned.

Want to be featured on the blog – contact me!  I offer packages for featuring your small business on the website, including social media amplification.

Are there any questions anyone has for my plan, or anything to add?  Let me know!


So I’m out here yall.  As always – if you want to work with me, you can click here and see what services I provide, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Karla is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Sociology and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Bethel University.  She is a Nashville Native and Lifestyle Blogger; a Free Spirit, and a Music Lover. If you need a Creative Consultant for your events, ask me how! To subscribe to her monthly newsletter click here.  She recently ran away from Corporate America.  If you want to talk with her about how you can make that transition email me: karla@nashvillesocialbutterfly.com

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