Building a Business Around Your Personal Brand

I’m a lifestyle blogger, a content creator,  a brand strategist, and an event host.  That is my product.  But how do you build a business around your product?  Well, you work it.  One tactic is hosting a course or event around your passion to your community, establishing you and your brand.  The world is big, who can stop you right?My palms were sweaty and clammy, but fear is not real.

This was my first time hosting an event on my own strength.  That’s growth yall!

My palms were sweaty and clammy, but fear is not real.  Once I got started, I was rolling and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be!  Read more for the experience.

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5th Annual Elegant Ladies of Nashville Fashion Show

Yall!  The Elegant Ladies of Nashville put on THE BOMB fashion show featuring some of the hottest designs I’ve ever seen!  And to make it even better, all the designers were Nashville-based.  You KNOW that makes me proud to see not only the city grow, but the creativity as well!  Growth inside and out.  The event was at Rocket Town and I got exclusive media VIP treatment, completed with a few small bites to eat, swag bag, and front row seating!  If you guys missed the opportunity to showcase your work, or if you like to shop local,  peep out some of Nashville’s up and coming designers, you WON’T want to miss out next year.

It was also cool to be part of the media and meet some of my blog family in person. -BLOGLOVE-

Just for you all, I have a video recapping some of my favorite looks of the evening.  Click continue reading to see the video AND what I got in my swag back and a group photo of some of Nashville’s TOP Urban bloggers!

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Recap//Southern Legends of Hip Hop

The year was 1996 and I was a high schooler rapping along with Eight Ball, MJG, Mystikal, Project Pat, Juvenile, who we now call the Legends of Southern Hip Hop.  Now — truth be told, I don’t fool with the Municipal Auditorium.  Call me fancy, call me whatever you like, but if I’m going to a concert I like feeling like I’m getting out and not going to my high school gym.  BUT being the connoisseur of Southern Hip Hop that I am – I accepted tickets to this year’s Legends of Southern Hip Hop concert.  Thanks to Lovenoise for the sponsorship! Click More to get the really real about the Southern Legends of Hip Hop Concert Part 2.

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Legacy Ink Design – We are More Than T-Shirts!

As an emerging entrepreneur, I am better understanding the merchandising side of marketing.  And, as a black woman, I am all about being intentional with your legacy.   And it all can start with a brand and a t-shirt.  There is so much opportunity in building a recognizable brand and selling a t-shirt, y’all.  That’s why we are featuring Legacy Ink Design located at 727 S. Church Street in Murfreesboro, TN on the blog.  Legacy Ink Design has partnered with so many of our favorite entrepreneurs and creative brands. Their clients range from colleges and universities (MTSU, TSU), local eateries (Slim and Husky’s), independent brands (Trap Garden), and media brands (Protect the Culture, and 101 the Beat). Add The Scenario Radio Show to the list of clients, as we were very pleased with the T-shirts we received for our first the ‘Scenario Radio Show Live’ event last week, in exchange for this blog post.  

Legacy Ink is without a doubt so much more than t-shirts.  Today on the blog, we talk merchandising with the Murfreesboro location and local face  Legacy Ink Design.  As always, my opinions are those of my own.   

Read on about the family at Legacy Ink Design.

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Spring Poetry

During Black History month,  I grew to read the poetry of Nashville write Mariah Cole (IG @outofmymouth).  She challenged herself to write a poem every day during the 28 days of Black History.  She smashed her goal and gained me as a fan.

With March comes spring and new beginnings.  I asked her to write a poem for speaking to the spring symbolism.  Read what wrote me below.

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Slim and Husky Pizza and Beeria // The Spot

My-my-my so much has changed in Nashville.  From what could be a residential home in North Nashville (off Buchannan) to a local pizza and beeria joint- Sim and Husky Pizza and Beeria.  And not just any Nashville eaterie, but from the soft openings to the launch, Slim and Husky’s Pizza and Beeria has been a focal point for Nashville Natives and visitors alike.  With the lines wrapping around the building and the scent of fresh ingredients in the air, Slim and Husky’s has become the catalyst to the budding Buchannan Arts District and eateries catering to the urban crowd.  Rumor has it these guys studied pizza for months as they formulated their recipes, sauces, and toppings.  These guys were serious about their pizza and I believe studying and learning your passion (especially if your name is on the business) will always pay off.

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Trump Rally Nashville Part Two // Post Experience Recap

I arrived at the Municipal Auditorium at 3:30 pm.  Door open at 3:30pm.  The line was wrapped all the way around the building.  It was one of the coldest days of the year, after days of mild spring like days.  It was like Nashville knew Trump and his supporters were in town. After waiting in line for 3.5 hours, we were told by MNPS that the auditorium was full.  From there we took an Uber to have a cocktail and discuss the experience.  Check my video below to hear my thoughts.

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Nashville Entrepreneur Life Strategist KG

Kendra Garcia is a born and raised Nashvillian.  After years of working in corporate America, she decided to take a leap out of the ‘shoebox’ to pursue her dream and natural talent of becoming a Life & Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author & Mentor.  She tackled an area where many women can relate: being a mom and an entrepreneur. How does she do it? How do other moms do it?  I know she has a natural knack for motivation because she pushes and supports me along my entrepreneurial journey, and I’m not even a client (yet…..hmmm)  Read on for more!

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Trump Rally Nashville Part One // My Expectations

Hey yall!  It’s KB.  We all know energy and passion can be positive or negative.  Positive passion is called drive, and negative passion is called drama.

So yea, I went to the Trump Rally for the drama.  But this drama that we can all agree on – divisive, backward thinking drama.  I got a lot of flack for attending because, well, why would you attend an event, a RALLY, for a candidate who does not have a single accurate depiction of the Black community.  Click below to view my YouTube video where I discuss what I expected.

Fair warning – the greenness and ideology of my perspective is clear – sure I just want rainbows and unicorns.  But just hear me out.

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