Whiskey Kitchen Brunch with Atlanta Artist Keeyen Martin


I’m in the growing phase of the blog, and I was thrilled to learn that I am making connections outside of Nashville.  I met Keeyen Martin and his team, via social media, connected with them, and set up a brunch at Whiskey Kitchen.  It was a wonderful day AND it also was the day that the Middle Tennessee State beat Syracuse in the NCAA basketball tournament – hence the MTSU sweater!

Keeyen was in town for a performance at the American Baptist College and I was able to find time on his busy schedule to meet him and his team at Whiskey Kitchen for brunch.

Keeyen Martin got his start singing in the church.  Born into a singing family, “my mother and grandmother didn’t really give me a choice other than singing and performing from the time I could talk, around age two (lol).” He routinely makes time to practice his craft and makes a point to relax before a performance.  “I battled anxiety a lot in the past years approaching larger and larger audiences to perform in front of, and now I force myself to relax and stay in the moment.”

His single “Suitcase” was released on iTunes June 2015 and now his EP which is his first project consisting of all original music launched April 2016.  He has covered songs such as “Classic Man” by Jidenna, Hotline Bling by Drake, and

With so many artists that produce music without substance, I wanted to know how did he find his motivation. He stated something so simple but yet so profound – “You have to know yourself and define that. Authenticity always supersedes any fictitious thing you can create. Being integral, and by that I mean add value, and being original I think allows you to find your lane and place in the music industry.”

I would agree Keeyen:  find your lane in life  – define it, own it, protect it, master it, and excel in it.

So these guys had me cracking up the entire time, we laughed about my personality, about Nashville, and shared stories.  Once the conversation relaxed some, I wanted to know a little bit about Keeyen the person.  I learned that he is a big kid at heart, likes to play laser tag, and enjoy the park.  He’s a simple guy and likes the simple pleasure that bring fond memories from our youth.  He balances work and his personal life by intentionally blocking out time to “escape work” and focus on himself.

His most embarrassing moment involved attending a high profile event and taking a picture a reality star who he didn’t recognize — Kendra Moore LOL.  I’m sure she didn’t appreciate that at all, however, Keeyen just doesn’t watch much reality TV.
I don’t either and I would probably make the SAME mistake.  If that’s all for embarrassing moments, I think you are in good shape.
Guys – be sure to check out Keeyen Martin and his solo project – The Suitcase EP, especially if you are in the Atlanta area.  I really enjoyed brunch with Keeyen and his team – Que of Quente’Sential Branding and Stylist Jared Martin.  Here’s all his social media information, just click on the links to take you directly to the social media pages:
And here’s some photos from our brunch:

KB The Nashville Social Butterfly

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  1. Great read, I can feel the energy & excitement that flowed from the actual real life experience. Your interviews are filled with so much light, coming from a genuine place. I can tell all parties involved have passion for what they do. Keep sharing & grinding.

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