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If you’ve  been following my personal page on  Instagram ( I post a ton of pictures of myself and my curly hair.  I cut my hair so that I could see it in its natural state approximately 3 years ago and I’m still fascinated by the uniqueness of my curls.
Today I’m giving a product review for Product Junkie Naturals.  I received this product in exchange for my review and I couldn’t be more excited to share them with you!

I was introduced to Product Junkie Naturals (PJN) at the Taliah Waajid World Hair Expo that I attended back in May.  PJN is an independent hair care brand based out of Jackson, Mississippi.  PJN boasts handmade and vegan products for your hair, skin, bath, and body!  Here’s my review of the three hair products I received:  Fresh Start Moisturizing Shampoo, Green Tea Deep Conditioner, and the Kiss My Kurls Buttercream
Fresh Start Moisturizing Shampoo
(Paraben, Silicon, and Sulphate free)
The question of the day for me is often What is a good cleaner that won’t strip my hair of all it’s natural oils without my hair feeling crunchy like a white cheddar cheesy poof?
The Fresh Start Moisturizing Shampoo smells clean and fresh without a recognizable smell I could put my finger on. The lather was full and foamy without using a lot. Because I wash frequently, I try not to suds more than once, because really, I’m just removing product buildup, not so much as dirt.   After the cleansing, my hair was literally squeaky clean without feeling dried out.
After cleansing, I typically go straight from wash to leave in conditioner because I want to capture the curls at their cleanest and I have this weird thing of thinking that any conditioner is adding buildup.
Green Tea Deep Conditioner
For this review, I used the green tea deep conditioner after cleansing.  Deep conditioning is very important for my hair because I’m wearing color. I liked that this mixture was creamy and light, and the green tea smell was herbal and clean. A little product went a long way. It rinsed away cleanly and didn’t leave a noticeable film.
I also used the green tea deep conditioner as a co wash and I liked that it gave me a light suds.  Again it rinsed away cleanly.
Kiss My Kurls Moisturizing Buttercream
My process is cleansing, condition,  gel, and then seal it all in with an oil or oil based cream.  After cleansing, deep conditioning, and applying gel, I topped off my process with the butter cream.  Wow, what a treat!
This Kiss My Curls Buttercream was really a treat!  It was whipped light and smelled edible.  With my hair still soaking wet,  I applied a generous amount and ran it through my hair with my fingers.  It did not turn white in my hair and as my hair dried it did a great job of keeping my curls moisturized and soft.  And did I mention it smells good enough to eat?

Order your product today!  I’m looking to get my next order — maybe the bath products soon!  You won’t regret it!

Product Junkie Naturals
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