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Hey guys, you remember the Omni Staycation blog post that I wrote earlier this summer?  Well….my friends at the Omni have continued to support your girl and and have graciously sponsored a weekend at the Omni Interlocken – outside of Denver, Colorado.  Read below for the itinerary!

The wonderful team at Omni Nashville connected me with the team at the Omni Interlocken, and they graciously sponsored me the opportunity to visit their wonderful property, after we visit with the family of course.  We can’t wait to see the beautiful property and create another cool video like the one we did for the Omni Nashville (click here). Its been over 8 years since the last time I visited beautiful Mile High City.  Thank you so much to Omni Nashville for supporting

I also may have mentioned that we just purchased a Canon Rebel T6i and we have been itching to get out and play with it.  Santana Matlock and both are adventurous and creative individuals so this is just the type of lazy road trip to satisfy the soul.  Stopping at coffee shops, wineries, or snappy shots of beautiful backdrops, so exciting and fun!  (Thank you Santana Matlock for driving!!)I’ll post pictures on Instagram so be sure you are following me:

I’ll post pictures on Instagram so be sure you are following me:!

Here’s our loose itinerary:

Tuesday Day November 22 (5-hour drive) – Leave early in the morning.  Arrive in St. Louis and visit with my family.

Tuesday Night November 22 (4-hour drive) – Arrive in Kansas City – stay somewhere inexpensive

Wednesday Day November 23 (8- hour drive) – Drive to Denver.  Arrive and visit with Family

Thanksgiving Thursday, November 24 – Visit with Family

Friday, November 25 – Check into Omni Interlocken – Visit Pikes Peak

Saturday, November 26 –  Something outdoorsy in the morning; the city by night.

Sunday, November 27 – Tailgate with the Denver Broncos Fans

Sunday – Wednesday, November 28-30 – Head on back to Nashville

Please keep us in your positive thoughts as we will be on the road quite a bit!

Have you been to Denver?  What are your thanksgiving plans?  Let me know in the comments!

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