I Took The Leap!

Well, before you can assume ANY further, I can confirm that I took the leap.  I jumped 30+ days ago and fell into a myriad of emotions.  After Trump won the Election 2016, I decided dreams can come true and to be even more fearless with my blog.  So I’ve been inspired to share this update in my life:

And so after working in Corporate American for 14 years, I have decided to call it quits.  I worked for top corporations such as Dell, Mars, and HCA, and I never was able to fit in with the grind, the cold culture, or the work. I was always left to fend for myself and it often ended up with my having to navigate politics for which I didn’t involve or understand.  I was tired of the same old pony show and I’m ok with starting my life over from the bottom to do it.  I decided that I would rather make coffee in a coffee shop than to work somewhere where expectations never fall in your favor and 45 days later I still believe this.  Although I will grind hard to NOT have to make coffee, I will only work where I am happy.  Period.

I am actually GRATEFUL I have the chance to start my career over and build it up MY WAY.  I remember being corralled from high school to college and learning from institutions, but never really learning about myself or from mentors.  I believe, that if my former employer didn’t take me down through there, I would not have had to figure out what I have naturally that I can sell.  I would not have had to figure out how to blog and use the blog as my launching pad into a more fulfilling career.

I’ve learned and decided to use the skills that I have naturally and create a career path out of it.  So let’s see — I’m beautiful, personable, corporately trained,  influential,outgoing,  creative. I can be trained to speak on a topic, and  I can be trained to teach.  Actually, I am the daughter, granddaughter, and niece of educators, so maybe I do have a knack for teaching. I have a great personality and I have an innate knack for connecting with people.

I don’t think I’ll ever work FOR someone again.  I will PARTNER with you, but I won’t work FOR anyone.

I think that is the major piece I’ve found — I am not afraid of hard work, I just have to do work I am connected with, that serves a purpose, otherwise, I disengage.

This blog is a small part of what I have been feeling for some time now.  After the years of the consistent paychecks that were more than what some people make in 6 months,  I have been able to travel the world, buys clothes and shoes, and yet I STILL didn’t FEEL any happier.  I’ve learned that everything comes at a cost, and the Corporate cost, I just can’t afford — the code switching, the mansplaining, the inability to be myself.  I’m working HARD on being MYSELF .  And every day I’m in Corporate American is another day that tears down the work that I am doing to embrace myself wholeheartedly.

I wasn’t happy in Corporate America and I launched this blog as a futile attempt to see if there was place in the world for KB!  And to my surprise, there was…I received emails from women who were inspired and businesses who wanted me to blog about their events and ghostwrite on their website. There was so much opportunity… And now that I see ALL the opportunities around me; the way I think is different.  I’ve unlocked a magic within me, and I have to nurture this blog and this magic that I have.  I vowed I would never be in place that I was not wanted or valued for ME.  Creative, adventure seeking, outgoing,opinionate, modest, passionate me.   In the world of Creativity,  I have found happiness in the differences we have and not the uniformity.  In creative land, we can all write about, or blog about the SAME event and have different perspectives and they are ALL beautiful.  Inclusiveness, sharing ideas, and collaboration is the name of this game.  And it’s a better game for me to play.  What you put in is what you get out of it and honestly, for a minute, I just want to decompress and decide upon my new code of conduct.

I have ton’s of ideas for blog posts, and I just bought a Canon Rebel DSLR camera so I can keep everyone update to date on my journey: Do I want to finish my MBA? Am I a blogger?  (yes)   Am I more than a blogger (yup).   And most importantly HOW DO I MAKE CONSISTENT MONEY.

So for me, blogging has been a journey of self-introspection, and development.  Understanding the authentic things about myself so that I can bring them to the forefront. Because after this election we learned, people value real, even if the real is wrong.

So I’ve been quietly minimizing my life, not shopping anymore, looking into to goodwill thrifting.  If you have noticed, I have not blogged or been out to eat because I have been in the house cooking.  Hell, I’ve been staying in the house more because often, when I leave the house, spending money is involved.  I’ve paid off most of my bills and I have been afforded a roommate and modest housing accommodations.  If I do attend an event or establishment, it is because of a sponsorship package I’ve worked out, which is the work.  Work, though, that I will enjoy.

But I’ve also been churning with anxiety, sleepless nights, and analysis paralysis  — what will people think of me? Am I a failure?  What is it that I do for money? Will my friends support me?  Where am I going with the blog? But I told myself early on to feel the fear and do it any so that’s what I am doing.  Blogging to me is the accountability partner I’ve never had.  I know people want to know story and I’ve been afraid to share it.  But Trump is president-elect? Shit, I won’t have ANY more fear.  I want to own my life and what it means to ME and I hope it inspires someone else to live their life for them as well. If I can help you figure out any of these questions let me know — I’m a good source of support – karla@nashvillesocialbutterfly.com

I have a lot more content to share about this great city of Nashville, as well as some content about things outside of  Nashville as well, so stay tuned I have some big things in store for 2017.  Keep supporting and sharing and keeping me in your prayers.  This transition won’t be easy, but I will be happy.  This same happiness I wish for you!

Karla is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Sociology and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Bethel University. She is a Nashville Native and Lifestyle Blogger; a Free Spirit, and a Music Lover. If you need a Creative Consultant for your events, ask me how! To subscribe to her monthly newsletter click here.  She can be reached via email: karla@nashvillesocialbutterfly.com

KB The Nashville Social Butterfly

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