Four Lessons in Car Buying

This post is sponsored by and all opinions are my own.  Coming from a girl that purchased a 1994 Altima, a 2005 Altima, and a 2012 Altima Coupe, I’d like to share some of my list of things to consider when purchasing a new car.


Read on 4 Tips for Purchasing a Car using!



  1. Buy the car you need and not the one you want.


Take a second and think about your current lifestyle.  Do you drive long distances for work? Are you in traffic?  Do you need space, children?  Are you a pet owner?  All these questions will help the type of car you need, whether it be sports, sedan, economy, minivan or truck. has a search filter that allows you to browse cars by category.  Once you determine what style or size car you need, you can browse by category.  If I were in the market for a car I would browse the sedan category. Whether I am packing my dog and her crate, piling in clothes and shoes for a photo shoot,  I could use a little room.  In my head though, I want a two-seater! Asking yourself sensible questions about your car needs will help make sure you buy the best car for you.


  1. Pay Cash if Possible

The great thing about is that you can research the current asking price of the car you want.  You can then set a savings goal so that you can purchase your car outright.  Usually, you can get a better deal on the lot when you purchase a car with cash.  You would not have to pay any interest from a bank loan.  Also, just think of the financial freedom you can garner without a car note.  Paying cash for a car by no means is saying to get less car.  I’m encouraging you (and myself) to strive towards being smarter with my money, and that means using cash.


  1. Buy a car that you can afford


The truth is you’ve got to buy a car that you can afford.  According to interest.comIt all starts with what we call the 20/4/10 rule, which says you should: Make a downpayment of at least 20%. Finance a car for no more than four years. And not let your total monthly vehicle expense, including principal, interest, and insurance, exceed 10% of your gross income.” You will also want to factor into the budget car maintenance and the continuing trend of above-average gas prices.  This may mean picking the car you want but getting the base package or getting the upgraded package on a later model.  One of the features I liked about is that you can filter by upgrade package and year so you can make sure you are getting the best deal.  Buying an affordable car beats having stretch yourself uncomfortably thin trying to keep up with the Jones.’  Trust me, they will probably have something to say regardless, so purchase what works FOR YOU.  Now that I’m a little older and wiser, I think about all the cars I purchased that I honestly should have gotten something smaller or less flashy.  The way I think is much different now that I truly value my financial freedom, But this leads me to my last point….


  1. If you gotta pay for it, get what you want.  


No one wants to pay for a car they kinda like.  If you’re anything like me, it is so uncomfortable to me to experience “what ifs” or “I should have” for a large purchase like a car.  It’s easier to return a dress, trust me.    After reviewing your lifestyle and budget, if you can make the finances for the car work, get it.  If you pay cash for it or have to make payments, on anything, make sure you get what you want.  The investment is yours to make and you should be happy with it, whatever that decision may be.








Oh, and since you’re reading, my dream car is a White Range Rover.  Any of my followers are welcome to purchase me one! I promise I’ll post about it ALL over my social media all the time!!

What’s your dream car?


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