Yours Truly KB and Women of AT&T 2017 Adult Education Fair

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If you aren’t familiar, an employee group consists of groups with common interest, for example, women, women in leadership, diversity, LGBT, etc. Women of AT&T focus is women and leadership.

Women of AT&T is an independent (and nationally recognized) 501(c)3 nonprofit organization recognized as an employee resource group.

Women of AT&T – Nashville seeks not only to serve its employees but the greater Nashville community.

And guess what, men, you are welcome to join as well.

Read on to learn about what I was doing hanging out with the Women of AT&T for their 2017 Women of Education

My connection to this event is Leah Peterson, who is the President of Women of AT&T.  We developed a relationship years ago where we were colleagues, and young ladies “figuring it out” at a former employer.  I know this has been at least ten years of staying connected. Fast forward,  she too is walking in her purpose and passion, leading other women, as she also is come with an amazing support system of five sisters that are loving, kind, and there to help Leah build the dream, because, let’s be honest, you can’t do it alone.  When you meet them you will be met with beautiful smiles and energy to get it done.  Love the Peterson sister.

Fast forward,  she too is walking in her purpose and passion, leading other women.  Leah also has an amazing support system of five sisters (literally known affectionately by their birth order) that are loving, kind, and there to help Leah build the dream (because let’s be honest, you can’t do it alone).

When you meet them you will be met with beautiful smiles and energy to get it done.

Love the Peterson sisters.

Anyway, I digress.

The Women of AT&T (WOA) along with the Middle Tennessee Home Education Association (MTHEA) hosted the Adult Education Fair in the Auditorium of the iconic AT&T building. I’m so very proud that this AT&T employee sponsored program was free of charge and open to the public.   Colleges and Universities of all levels across the state were represented including:

Additional colleges and universities included: Strayer University, South College, Belmont University, Fisk University, Daymar College, Remington College, Nashville State Community College and Brightwood College.

Special guests included Tennessee House (44th District), Rep. Brenda Gilmore.

I was there to encourage any adult who was considering continuing their education to come down, meet the schools, and figure out which college would be the best route for their future goals.  I interviewed each of the schools on Facebook live to connection the masses with each school’s respective specialty – paralegal and law, professional experience providing credits, or internship options.

Check the video of my Livestream here:

There were programs for funding, job placement, and career counseling

For me being the brand ambassador for the event was not only necessary but personal.  I shared my experience of being a “non-traditional student” in a previous blog post.

Thanks for Women of AT&T Nashville for the opportunity cross brand and providing a why for me to open up and share my story for a wonderful cause I believe in.

It’s clear that not only is AT&T on the cutting edge of technology (and from its building being the mascot of the Nashville skyline) and architecture but also community outreach and support!







































Connect with Women of AT&T Tennessee:




Women of AT&T, Inc. (WOA) is organized to connect and inspire members to achieve their personal and professional goals and to affect change in the community. Across all chapters, WOA provides an avenue for women to develop and demonstrate their leadership abilities. WOA ensures professional and personal development for continuous growth, advancement, and success through education, mentoring and networking to benefit both the individual as well as the corporation.  Learn more about them by clicking here.

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