20 or so Things About KB + 5 Questions

Now that you know where to go and who to know in Nashville, let me tell you a little bit about myself, ok?

  1. I don’t know how to drive a manual
  2. I’ve ridden in a helicopter
  3. I purchased a Nissan Altima 3x in a row
  4. My younger brother is deceased. He was awarded his undergraduate degree posthumously from MTSU
  5. I know all the lyrics to the Humpty Dance
  6. I’m a third generation pianist who needs to practice
  7. I’m 35, never been married and have no children
  8. I’ve been to Oregon
  9. I attended the Lakers vs Clippers at the staples center for my 30th birthday
  10. I can canoe
  11. I am an Aries
  12. My background is in supply chain project management (ew)
  13. Spiritual, not religious
  14. I’m a huge Stevie Wonder Fan
  15. I often interject movie quotes and song lyrics in my daily conversations
  16. I love the song Family Tradition
  17. I’m a MARIO brothers fan
  18. I’m extremely sensitive
  19. I see the best in people
  20. I fear dying and not living my best life
  21. I care more about what people think than I let on
  22. My favorite movies are Lion King,  Shawshank Redemption and Don’t Be a Menace
  23. I love crime movies, documentaries, and horrors movies












What do I do for self-care?

For me in this moment of my life, my self-care is dedicated to boundaries.  Ever since I stepped out on faith in pursuit of my passion a lot of friends and family have treated me differently.  I have my theories as to why that I won’t get into.  These are friends whom I’ve supported during the typical life milestones, but I don’t get a like, comment or share on my blog — which is important to me in this digital realm.

It has been important for me to shed those layers of old friendships amicably and put myself around people who dream as big as I.  Not to mention surrounding my self with big dreamers and hard workers because talk is cheap.  Learning and vibing with like minded creatives that can understand the grind and its different stages has been detrimental to my self-care.  This means saying no to a lot of old circles and unfollowing people whose goals aren’t aligned with mine.  I literally have to put on social media blinders so that I don’t get caught up wondering why people don’t support me, or that I don’t start to compare what’s for them to what’s for me.

I am surrounding myself with positive and supportive people who can see the dream and support it wholeheartedly.  I have been nurturing a team of those close to me who check on me, make sure I eat, send me leads, and like my work.   When I get my big break, they are all celebrating with me.  In this grinding stage of starting a media business, this method of self-care has been most important.

Do I like marvel comics or any of the fantasy genre?

Not really.   I am more of a Sci-Fi, Aliens, fan if that’s close to fantasy.  No?

What do I love about living in Nashville?

I love the creative scene that has been growing in Nashville.  Every day I meet photographers, bloggers, musicians, small business owners with creative business ideas.  I am not sure if its because I am in the realm or if the creative scene is hot here, but it’s definitely an exciting time to live in Nashville.  I also love that Nashville is growing rapidly.  Its location is central to a lot of major cities within an 8-hour radius, which I believe makes Nashville a prime time hub for creatives with diverse backgrounds.  Finally, I love that as Nashville is growing it is hosting more and more high profile events and awards shows.  As a Nashville Native, I remember when there was JUST country music and I’m glad to see Music City evolve.

What are my musical interest and if I have plans to blog about local artists?

I love music.  The main genre’s I listen to are Hip Hop and R&B, but if it has a catchy beat to it, you can catch me nodding my head. Here are all the artists I’ve seen in concert (mainly in Nashville):

Bryson Tiller, Mary J. Blige, Scarface, Eight Ball MJG, Son Little, Leon Bridges, Jill Scott, Gary Clark Jr, Bilal, Tweet, Raekwon, Floetry, Salt and Pepa, Ghostface Killah, K.R.I.T., Kelly Price, Maxwell, Fantasia, Patty Labelle, Beyoncé, The Isley Brothers, India Arie, UGK, Dwele, Raheem Davaughn, Cee-Lo Green, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, Drake, Alabama Shakes, R.Kelly, Kandiss Springs Gary Porterln, Common, Jay-Z, Future, Bobby Valentino, Killer Mike, Juvenile, India Arie, DJ Khaled, Twista, Lyfe Jennings, Aaron Hall, Tamia.

I would love to blog about local artists.  There are so many indie and emerging artist that really deserve elevation.  Typically my niche of event coverage and then writing the recap keeps me tied up.  However, if it’s a good collaboration and fit, I’m all for it!

What is my best travel experience?

In 2014 I believe is the year, I traveled with friends to Toronto, Canada for the Caribana festival.  It felt like the world transformed once we crossed over into Toronto.  The culture for the Caribana festival was so LIVE.  The people in Toronto, ALL OF THEM, were absolutely beautiful.  Because it was Caribana festival time everyone was buzzing with energy, the people were ready to party, and nobody was afraid to sweat.  It was so much fun.  We also were able to visit the Canadian side of Niagara Falls on the way back.  We stayed in a hotel that was so high in the air you could literally look down into the falls.  What an awesome experience!  I also love a good beach too!

So that’s Truly KB — all the time!

I hope you learned more about the woman behind the Nashvillesocialbutterfly!  Stay tuned, I’m attending the CD Baby Conference and the Cavalia Odysseus show — more coverage coming to the blog!

Karla (KB) Burnett is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Life. She loves coffee and donuts.  She is a Nashville Native and Lifestyle Blogger; a Free Spirit, and a Music Lover. Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Say hi, I’ll say hi back: karla@nashvillesocialbutterfly.com


KB The Nashville Social Butterfly

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