The Word NO Translated

The saying goes “ask and ye shall receive”, right?  But how do you handle the No’s that are inevitable?  I will admit, while I get a lot of yes’ I also hear a lot of no’s as well.

How do I handle the discouragement that could come with no?  Read on for my boss tips on translating your no!

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Peyton Manning and Project 615

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Peyton Manning began his football career at the University of Tennessee and led the Volunteers to win the SEC championship in 1997.  If you have been in Nashville for any amount of time you can tell that a lot of the city of Nashville bleeds Orange during college football season and thus Peyton Manning is very near and dear to the hearts of UT Fans.  I ran across this shirt online and thought it was dope.  More about Peyton, Superbowl 50, and Project 615 who made the tee…

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Nashville Hosts 2016 NHL All -Star Weekend

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Now it all makes sense!  Nashville built the outdoor ice skating rink and opened it in December, and the 2016 NHL All Star Weekend is here in Nashville January 28-31 2016.  The weekend is full of festivities and events celebrating hockey.  If you have never been to a Preds game, I would highly recommend.  The games are engaging, the Nashville Preds fans are electric, and the Preds play hard the entire game.  But back to NHL All Star Weekend.

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MTSU vs Auburn

Today was a wonderful day. Don’t you like those types of days, when you have plans, but your plans change and the day still turns out great? What I planned to do doesn’t matter. What matters is that I ended up at Bridgestone to watch MTSU vs. Auburn men’s basketball. It was a great game; close score that ended up in overtime. The final score was MTSU 88 and Auburn 81. I am so proud to be MTSU alumni.

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