Nashville is ‘Under The Sea’ With the Disney’s The Little Mermaid

When I walked into the lobby of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, there was a sea of mermaid princesses, all bubbling with energy to see our favorite Mermaidian princess Ariel.  I was amongst the princesses, dressed in a themed floral print halter dress.

We were going “Under the Sea”!  Read on for my favorite characters and my video slideshow recap of the event!

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Interview with Angela Crane-Jones, Executive Director of Nashville Business Incubation Center

The Nashville Business Incubation Center is a resource to entrepreneurs providing mentorship, models, and most of all accountability.  Boasting its clients as acorns to mighty oaks is completely intentional; acorns take approximately 6-18 months to mature.  Once mature, they are sturdy and strong.

That is something to be said about the success of some its graduates who are some of  Nashville’s most iconic brands including Christie Cookie, Rolands Photography, and The Grilled Cheeserie.

I share with you an interview with the Executive Director Angela Crane-Jones who’s passion for entrepreneurship is both personal and professional.  Click more to see our conversation!



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The Jeff Ruby Experience

Thank you, Andrew Angotti, Corporate Sushi Chef for your time and kindness.  My experience at Jeff Ruby restaurant was a welcoming, accommodating and exciting one thanks to you.  The detail and care you took with me made for an amazing fine dining sushi experience.

Hey, Nashville — be sure to read all about the Jeff Ruby restaurant and my experience!

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Bermuda Triangle: Debut of A PowerHouse

While I was out social butterflying at another event, Brittany Howard was debuting her new group Bermuda Triangle at the Basement East.  Nashville is growing so much and I can’t get to every single event not to mention it sold out incredibly fast.

Check out this reader submission from Syr Johnathan of the event and experience below! (THANK YOU)!

(If you attend an event and want to provide coverage and some dope images, email me:

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Nashville Boutique//Envy Boutique

This edition of Small Business Saturday I highlight the ladies of Envy Boutique. They have a great selection, city-wide pickup, and it’s easy to spend money with ladies with whom you can relate. You couldn’t ask for a better partnership. I get a lot more “no responses” than collaborations, so thanks again for taking a chance on me! Head over to to see the different looks and be inspired by these emerging entrepreneurs!

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Something’s Rotten in Nashville (Literally)

A few months ago I was approved to serve on the media team for the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC). This means I’m provided with access to the shows, plays, and events coming to Nashville with the opportunity to preview them and share my experience with my readers. I might even get to interview an actor or two (in the future).

My first Broadway musical experience with Something Rotten was hilarious, bright, and high energy.  I loved it.  I found myself cheering the progagonist on, falling in love with the celebrity of Shakespeare, and following along with the popular (and funny spin) of popular Shakespeare quotes.

I’m glad my first Broadway play experience was Something Rotten.

Read on for a brief synopsis and review!

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