I Didn’t Delete Uber and Here’s Why.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you will know it’s been a tough week for the rideshare company Uber.  You may recall last week, the company was the subject of a huge hashtag movement to delete the application.  Hundreds of thousands of Uber users deleted the popular application and screenshot a picturing of the confirmation using the hashtag “deleteuber”. This hashtag was the result of the interpretation that the “surge” pricing being removed during the time of the protesting at JFK airport (when the need for drivers was high).  This was put the rideshare giant against the people that service it and was perceived as Uber trying to lower the payment of its drivers.    A statement from the Uber CEO announced that he, Travis Kalanik, as well as the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk (among other high power CEOs) were going to sit on an advisory council for President Trump.  At public urging, Uber CEO Travis Kalanik quit the advisory council.  All of which transcribed in literally A WEEK  Big shout out to the power of the PEOPLE.


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ElectionGate 2016 – An Update with John Little

Whew,   This presidential election has wore me out.  All of my adulting skills of restraint and self-care have had to be used in order to no wig out on some of the social media posts that have been flying around.

But because I’m not an expert in politics (which for this election, I don’t think you have to be), so I followed up with my favorite social activist John Little.

I want to take the time to thank John for being my first guest on the blog.  I admire him for the exemplary black man, father, and conscious leader I perceive him to be.   Any and every time I’ve bumped into John in public or online, or needed his help he’s always been kind, transparent, and action oriented; ready, willing, and able.  I have known him from the days when we both thought we had a future in corporate, to us both following our passions,  and I am proud to call him my brother.  After our most recent meeting, I literally dropped him off in Edgehill Housing Projects as he was knocking door to door to spread the word about a current initiative.  John is a man who’s actions match his words and one I would look to for political clarity in this hellacious presidential election.  This is why I chose to have HIM share his opinion (which I’m sure are conclusions to which we have all come).

Quite a few things have changed since he and I last spoke in April of this year.  See below for the update as well as clarity on John Little’s role in social activism and education.

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Pablo is Petty – Kanye West Performs The Saint Pablo Tour in Nashville

Kanye is a misunderstood creative genius and I love his vision.  Although his execution and communication may be a bit misguided, I truly believe his intent is in the right place.

On Saturday night at Bridgestone Arena, Kanye West, from the shadows of a dimly lit floating stage, gave us a great show of hits from “Late Registration”, “Yeezus”, and his latest album and tour “The Life of Pablo”.  The show started at 8pm and Pablo hit the stage around 9:20 to the tunes of Father Stretch My Hands.  The Life of Pablo which I will refer to as “TLOP” is one of my favorite albums by Kanye West.   In this post I’ll review the pettiest moments of Kanye West in Nashville.  

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Coffee, Curls, and Catching Up with Kenya Raymer of HalfieTruths.com

If you’re anything like me then you have been following Kenya from her fairy tale romance and subsequent marriage to Nashville radio personality Dolewite to watching her “walk”  or be walked by her huge dog Walli.  One thing I noticed is, I NEVER SEE HER OUT in Nashville.  Conversely, she is very vocal and eloquent in her writing about truth seeking and truth telling, honoring your emotions, and creating personal boundaries.  It only made sense for a blog that features all things good and authentic in Nashville to feature Kenya Raymer of HalfieTruths.com.  She’s dropping gems of wisdom and I found a neat app that lets you “click to tweet” quotables.  Trust me, you’re going to want to share these pearls of reflection with your friends.

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Can I Live? Five Things to Remember in Times of Social Tension

Nashvillesociabutterfly.com seeks to highlight the things that make Nashville (and eventually the world) so fascinating.  A big part of the fascination with Nashville, in my opinion, are the people.  I would definitely consider myself to be social butterfly when it comes to being on the scene and out and about, however, social advocacy for the people are also a pivotal piece to this platform.  My advocacy is usually displayed in who I am as a woman, and in the choices I make.  But as I grow this platform, I plan to do more.  This piece is the introduction.

Nashvillsocialbutterfly.com will utilize this platform to discuss social issues and be a voice for CHANGE.  This means changing group dynamics, changing the conversation, and preconceived notions and ideas.  This will all be done by asking the questions, providing the dialogue, and seeking to understand from a solution oriented perspective.
 In the midst of the most recent acts of violence, terrorism, and police brutality, I decided my response to these current events would be to ask my good friend and Life Coach for his reflections.  I prefer to refer to experts or people who represent what I envision as the solution, when it comes to where I gather advice.
Specifically, on a recent Facebook post I mentioned that with so many random acts of gun violence happening in America, how can one be sure to take care of themselves mentally, emotionally, and socially?  How do we wrap our brains around this environment, and what do we do to make sense of it all?  His thoughts — and a few of my interpretations — are below:
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#34 on a Tuesday at Up Lounge

It’s been a little over a month since #34onatuesday, so thank you for waiting patiently for these pictures.  I also want to thank everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday, it really adds to a special day when you all take the time to send me those positive vibes. I  love knowing that from you all I can learn from, lean on, laugh with, and be myself with – thanks for your contribution to the person I am, online and offline.

*tear* *coughs* *clears throat*……….

Read on below to see how I developed my birthday “event, ” meet some of my friends and family, and finally  see candid and staged pictures from my 34th birthday party – #34 on a Tuesday!

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Political Moment with John Little

A second goal of the blog is to bridge the gap between #NewNashville, and its community, residents, and visitors.  Being a southern state and a growing “it” city, it would be remiss if Nashvillesocialbutterfly did not address the current political environment.  

I will admit I personally have been a bit turned off from this year’s Presidential election.  It seems to be [still] so overshadowed by the Donald Trump storyline, that it has made the presidential election look like a joke or mockery.  

I decided to speak with one of my old colleagues and friends that is involved in the political and public relations to just get a brief overview and “catch me up.”  We connected via email and I asked him a few questions.  Here now is the final conversation and my first “interview”  featuring my good friend John Little.  Read what I asked, hear what he has to say, and then do your research and formulate your own opinion. 

Here’s our conversation. I call it “Political Moment with John Little”

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Spreadluv Event: 1996 R&B and Hip Hop Tribute

Photo Jan 26, 11 27 05 PM

                                                                                          (photo cred spreadluv.com)


I can’t tell you how excited I am to be writing about, and attending, the next Spreadluv Tribute!  The event is happening on Thursday, February 18, at 7:00pm at the Basement East.  This tribute is featuring the music of the 1996 era (hence The Notorious B.I.G. as the face of the flyer) performed by Nashville’s own Michael Hicks and the Funk Puncs  (which is actually short for Funktional Publication – dope!).  Spreadluv touts its tagline as “we don’t do this for the money, we do it for the culture,” and I believe them.  The series of “Tributes” have been exciting  and I’m sure it will be an awesome event because of three elements:  the cause (benefiting the National Museum of African American Music, whom are breaking ground on their new building in downtown Nashville this year),  the music selection has always been the hits that I know and love, and the performances both instrumentally and vocally have NEVER disappointed.  Have you ever heard someone cover one of your favorite performers songs and they don’t quite sing it right?  Well, you WON’T see this with this event. You see this is the 4th “Tribute” show that Spreadluv has sponsored, and I’ve been rocking with the “Tribute” events since 2014. I’ll take you through the build….

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