Blogging the Ballet Ball 2017 Part One // The Rehearsal

The journey to figuring out my passion has been tough to initiate at times but looking back, it is so clear.  Of all the activities I attend/cover, they usually fall under the music and arts areas of the lifestyle category so when I received the invitation to attend the 2017 Ballet Ball I was more than thrilled.  Look over my blog — its main music, some rants, some developments, some people, but all somewhat centered around the music.  So combine the iconic Fisk Jubilee Singer in a performance with the Nashville Ballet, plus performances by Emmy/Grammy/Dove award winning (and super charming) artist Shannon Sanders and rock blues duo Muddy Magnolias.  I knew this was something special.  I love to get dolled for an event with a cause.  I believe in the music and the arts — the Nashville Ballet and the National Museum of African American music. It was almost like the Universe was giving me confirmation that I’m on the right path.  (Later I learned I was recommended by the National Museum of African American Music from my work on my blog and brand YUP. Opportunity. Straight like that. More about that later.).


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Affordable Housing Provider Celebrates Ribbon Cutting of Arts-Inspired Community

In an effort to highlight the growth of my hometown Nashville, I’ve got the details on the latest affordable housing development to hit the market in Nashville.  On historic Clarksville Highway (which has the potential to be a main vein to the city similar to Broadway),  Urban Housing solutions erected property specifically designated to be affordable housing, supporting entrepreneurs like myself who are earn income from their art, but not enough to afford the rising prices of rental properties and home ownership in the Nashville metropolitan area.  This is important because living in the city provides Creatives with access and resources to continue to create – business meetings, partners, workshops, even the Nashville Public library are easily accessible from 26th and Clarksville. Creatives depend on affordable housing to support them in the growing stage of their small business where income is for lack of better terms sparse.

Trust me I know.

Without this development, Creatives and other residents who depend on the metro area for business and work would have to seek housing OUTSIDE of the metro Nashville area.  This development is all about supporting Creation and not the financial restraints of being Creative.

Read on to learn more about how to qualify and apply for residence.

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Ballet Honors Nashville’s Historically Diverse Musical Heritage

The National Ballet is presenting it’s fundraising black-tie invite-only (kinda a big deal) event of the year Ballet Ball.   My understanding of the event is that the guests are presented a seated dinner before the gala performance.  At the same time as the invite only seated dinner, there is a separate hall for ticket purchasing guests to mingle and have cocktails and small bites – like a cocktail hour (for the younger crowd of “movers and shakers”).

Guess who was invited to cover the event?!  Me!  AND I get to attend a pre-rehearsal event two days before with an interview from a dancer and an artist.  Sweet!  So be sure to stay connected with me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ) to get the first look behind the scenes.
So again, what I’m gathering is there’s a separate baller’s only seated dinner, while the young folks( AKA “movers and shakers”) mix and mingle, then we ALL gather in the hall to watch a performance of Dance, Song, and Instruments, and at some point can dance the night away. (The PR lady literally repeated use the phrase “dance the night away” to describe the evening.  now its stuck in my head)  Never attended an event like this, let alone a BALL.  No clue what to wear to a ball.  But THIS GIRL is going to have fun figuring all this out. I was built for this!  Can’t be too hard – find a dress, beat my face, introduce myself and brand because ITS WHO I AM and enjoy results!  Great networking opportunity and night of amazing music for sure.
Super thrilled to be invited it’s an honor to be in the same room with such reputable names and brands.  But that’s what I live to do!

I’ve included the majority of the press release below.

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Nashville Lifestyle: Yoga with AB (Ashley Brooke)

1I was so excited when Yoga with AB reached out to me about collaborating.  So – we worked out a deal, she sponsored an hour session in exchange for this blog post with  The session was an in-home private session at an early 7am.  After the 45 Vinyasa Flow session (which really opened me up deep in the center of my spine), I was invigorated and energized for the remainder of the day.  AB flows at a pace that challenges you and stretches you right on out.  I even felt a little sore the next day from tightening my core.    I’ve got another session scheduled with her in a few weeks and you should book her as well.  Click below to check out all of her service and ideas for incorporating Yoga into your environment.

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Nashville Trainer: Kevin Bazille

I met Kevin at the Nashville Winner’s Circle Awards.  There I was awarded best blogger, and Kevin was awarded best trainer.  Because of this Winner’s Circle connection, I knew you guys would like to meet him and see if his style and approach fit your 2017 New You Needs.

Founder, Kevin Bazile, New Orleans native had a hard time managing his weight during childhood. In and out of playing sports caused his weight to constantly fluctuate.  It was not until Kevin moved to Nashville, where he finally began to gain consistency. Kevin has always had a love for fitness, it was his diet that caused inconsistency. He began eating healthier and noticed people were interested in his secret of seeing great results. Next thing you know, Kevin began to coach people along their personal fitness journey. While attending Tennessee State University, Kevin spent years training clients and observing their habits, routines, and daily struggles. As time passed, he grew to understand the true formula to gaining results; nutrition, exercise, and accountability. After working at quite a few gyms in the Nashville area, Kevin finally got the opportunity to open a fitness studio where he could practice the true formula to seeing results. Kevin aspires to change lives and encourage all to live a balanced lifestyle. At 80/20 Fitness, you are bound to receive the stability to help create a healthier you.

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Nashville Trainer: Mardae Weaver with Soular Fitness

Yall, this beautiful brown soul is a soft-spoken gentle giant and as we are both Nashville Natives, I’ve enjoyed watching him transition from a child to man and branding himself as the disciplined athlete and supportive trainer all around.  If your style is closer to nature, some introspective soul seeking, and a little bit of pushing the limits with your body and mind — than Mardae Weaver is your guy!

About Mardae Weaver:

A certified personal trainer/human enhancer who not only focuses on a beautiful physique that reflects hard work but how to safely push the human ability to excel normal fitness levels for athletes and non-athletes. As a Nashville native, Mardae has played football since the age of 6 through college. A healthy lifestyle was implemented at a very early age with nutrition and an environment to excel athletically. While becoming the best football player possible, many skills were acquired in order to remain competitive in the sport. A lot of different nontraditional workouts not only became a training tool but a hobby. These activities included hiking, cycling, swimming, kickboxing, Yoga, and more. Now all of these years of experience are available to anyone who dares to step out of the box of their own (normal).

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Nashville Trainer: Gerell Webb

If you’re looking for an accountability partner for your 2017 fitness goals, then hiring a personal trainer or joining group fitness activities is a great way to have someone one on one or a group of friends keep you accountable.  Each class and trainer has their own style though, right? Perusing social media I’ve seen observed Nashville Trainer Gerell’s features on Channel Five and I’ve seen him facilitate tons of group fit sessions as well.  Florida Born and Raised, Nashville living Personal Trainer Gerell Webb.  Read below to learn more about Florida Born and Raised, Nashville living Personal Trainer Gerell Webb and connect with his approach to personal fitness.

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January – February: Nashville Trainers and Nashville Opera

Happy 2017 Everyone!

It’s been an exciting entry into 2017, from Mariah Carey’s performance fiasco, #N-ggerNavy on Twitter, Our incoming immature Twitter Troll President-Elect, and saying Farewell to the Obamas.   Not to mention all the Love being shown to the Black men and women the performing arts.  After the year 2016, we all experienced, I know we need this positive mojo to keep us pushing through this first quarter of 2017.

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