Nashville Tee-Shirt Designer//PPPL Clothing

I always knew I was different.  Not better.  Different.  I’m the coolest most confident socially awkward inappropriate person you’ll ever meet.  I never really fit in, and I honestly stopped trying.

I was introduced to the PPPL Clothing (Peculiar People Clothing)in my (ongoing) research of the new Nashville social (media) scene.    Peculiar is one of those words that stands out because it just isn’t use that often.  And, being raised in the Souther Church scene, my head echoed of the cadence of the pastor quoting this verse:

(Now I know there are so many iterations of the bible so the KING JAMES VERSION states this):

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light”

Imagine after ever comma was a deep inhale and a body rock in the rhythmic style mimicking the ancestors.

But that verse though!!  Now I’m not religious AT ALL….but baby I know that creator of mine, whatever it may be,  made me perfect, splendid and amazing….unlike anybody else, with something special inside me that purposefully contributes to this thing called life.

Now if you feel me, Go ahead and let that shout in your spirit out.  I’ll wait.

Being a brand ambassador I get to choose my partners and I love wearing a tee that represents who I am, walking in my purpose, peculiar and all because guess what — I’m NOT like anybody else…..and neither are you.


Read on for wise words from PPPL Clothing Owner and Designer Tamasa Holden.

P.S.  Tamasa, I’m so proud of you sis.  This entrepreneur thing can be so tough, but you got this! New mercies and opportunities EVERY DAY.

Thank you for being so supportive and partnering with


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#GoodVibesOnly Artist: Rudy Currence


Click Image to Watch Rudy’s Latest Video for “Send Me I’ll Go”


In preparation for this Sunday’s Urban Soul Cafe #goodvibesonly ,I made a deal with Carlos….PLEASE GET ME AN INTERVIEW!  Shout out to Carlos Hale for doing what he said he would do and getting me connected with an artist for which I’m a fan — Nashville meet Emmy and Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, producer Artist Rudy Currence.  He’s performing with this Sunday’s USCAFE gospel lineup, but don’t put him in ANY genre box.

I was introduced to him via his R&B sound on the album Digital Analog (my favorite song is UFO) and he’s not married to either gospel or r&b but in making sure his purpose is served, not matter the vehicle of musical expression and artistry.  I’m not going to lie yall, this interview was more of a perk for me than a true interview.  Read on for my chat with Rudy Currence.

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Trap Religion with Byron Harvey – Performing at #GoodVibesOnly


Don’t forget I am giving away (now) two pair of tickets to Sunday June 11 show a 9 Bar and Lounge.

1) LIKE Urban Soul Cafe on Facebook:

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3). TAG 3 friends in the blog comments,  someone who would want to attend!

4). COMMENT your favorite artist from the show lineup!

I’m picking the winners every FRIDAY until June 9. Winners will be notified via Facebook. Tickets available at



Byron represents the millenial believer.  In conjunction with Sunday’s event, Byron and I sat and discussed his singing career, and his views on religions and society.  I really enjoyed chatting with him and it is important that every person that is featured on NSB is someone I thoroughly endorse and support.

 Read on for the interview!

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Tennessee Steeplechase and Working the Social Media Team

I had the esteemed honor to serve as the Day of Event Social Media for Iroquois Steeplechase 2017.  I manned the Facebook Page Iroquois Steeplechase and you can check out my coverage of the day of the event here.

Saturday, May 13, 2017, was the 76th annual Iroquois Steeplechase, also known as the Tennessee Derby LOL

Truthfully, I’ve never attended Steeplechase so I did some research to understand more about the event I was attending (and to ensure its historical background isnt….sketchy😎).   Here’s what I learned:

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Taliah Wajiid World Natural Hair Healthy Lifestyle Expo

The Taliah Wajiid Word Natural Hair and Healthy Lifestyle Expo.  Whew.  That’s a lot of words.  It is held in Atlanta  Seriously though, as being part of “Team Natural” for the last three years, falling into the trap of all the good smelling, beautiful packaging natural hair product, I found this to be a MAJOR event, particularly for the woman of color.  This event had all the major hair product vendors specializing in products for natural and black hair.   

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Nashville Ballet Teams up with Ten Out of Tenn for World Premiere of Seven Deadly Sins


Nashville Ballet will explore two contemporary dance styles in one performance—a ballet set to brand-new music by acclaimed singer-songwriter collective Ten Out of Tenn and another featuring an iconic Aaron Copland score—at the world premiere of Seven Deadly Sins with Appalachian Spring May 5-7, 2017, at TPAC’s Jackson Hall.  Read on for more about the upcoming event!

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Nashville Announces its New Class of Rising Creatives

Mayor Megan Barry signed a proclamation last year officially declaring Saturday, October 22nd as Creatives’ Day in Nashville, TN. Creatives’ Day is a time of recognition dedicated to individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation. It includes, but is not limited, to musicians, songwriters, visual artists, film art professionals, makers, journalists, photographers, dancers, and creative entrepreneurs living and working in Nashville, TN and surrounding counties.  Read on for a special announcement about the inaugural class of Creatives on the Rise!

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Building a Business Around Your Personal Brand

I’m a lifestyle blogger, a content creator,  a brand strategist, and an event host.  That is my product.  But how do you build a business around your product?  Well, you work it.  One tactic is hosting a course or event around your passion to your community, establishing you and your brand.  The world is big, who can stop you right?My palms were sweaty and clammy, but fear is not real.

This was my first time hosting an event on my own strength.  That’s growth yall!

My palms were sweaty and clammy, but fear is not real.  Once I got started, I was rolling and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be!  Read more for the experience.

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5th Annual Elegant Ladies of Nashville Fashion Show

Yall!  The Elegant Ladies of Nashville put on THE BOMB fashion show featuring some of the hottest designs I’ve ever seen!  And to make it even better, all the designers were Nashville-based.  You KNOW that makes me proud to see not only the city grow, but the creativity as well!  Growth inside and out.  The event was at Rocket Town and I got exclusive media VIP treatment, completed with a few small bites to eat, swag bag, and front row seating!  If you guys missed the opportunity to showcase your work, or if you like to shop local,  peep out some of Nashville’s up and coming designers, you WON’T want to miss out next year.

It was also cool to be part of the media and meet some of my blog family in person. -BLOGLOVE-

Just for you all, I have a video recapping some of my favorite looks of the evening.  Click continue reading to see the video AND what I got in my swag back and a group photo of some of Nashville’s TOP Urban bloggers!

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