Meet Me at (the) Crossroads Pet Store

This blog post is sponsored by Crossroads Pet Store located at 707 Monroe Street:

All photos are by Terrance Middlebrooks Photography:

Crossroads Pets is a non-profit, neighborhood pet store, groomer, dog wash self-wash and dog and cat adoption center located on the corner of Rosa Parks and Monroe in the North Nashville neighborhood Germantown. Roxy and I have been customers of Crossroads pets for the last three years.    I love small businesses and am thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you all about the products, services, and giving back of Crossroad Pets.

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Four Lessons in Car Buying

This post is sponsored by and all opinions are my own.  Coming from a girl that purchased a 1994 Altima, a 2005 Altima, and a 2012 Altima Coupe, I’d like to share some of my list of things to consider when purchasing a new car.


Read on 4 Tips for Purchasing a Car using!


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Cavalia Odysseo Nashville

So, just what IS Cavalia?

Cavalia is more than a circus, and I could describe it as a real life movie.   Cavalia Odysseo combines digital, live music, singing,  water, animals, and air for a show like nothing I’ve ever seen. Marrying the love of the horse, Cavalia touts superlatives like  “world’s largest touring production and traveling top, the biggest stage, the most beautiful visual effects, and the largest number of horses.”

In my own words, it’s one of the most extravagant, spare no expense, production that I’ve ever seen.  How many events come to town and bring their own stadium?  Think about that.  Also, I noticed the abundance of  billboards and signage.  Cavalia, I SEE YOU.  

Read on for more about Cavalia Odysseo and what it takes to bring the $7 million dollars live entertainment production to Nashville.

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Biking Nashville Greenways

Whether you have been here your entire life, recently relocated here or are just visiting; Nashville has more to offer than just Country music. With over 52 miles of greenways throughout Nashville, there are plenty of scenic outdoor locations to choose from to explore Music City. The Music City Bikeway gives locals and tourists the best options of seeing portions or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, all of Nashville from a different perspective.

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Product Review: Product Junkie Naturals

If you’ve  been following my personal page on  Instagram ( I post a ton of pictures of myself and my curly hair.  I cut my hair so that I could see it in its natural state approximately 3 years ago and I’m still fascinated by the uniqueness of my curls.
Today I’m giving a product review for Product Junkie Naturals.  I received this product in exchange for my review and I couldn’t be more excited to share them with you!
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