Interview with Angela Crane-Jones, Executive Director of Nashville Business Incubation Center

The Nashville Business Incubation Center is a resource to entrepreneurs providing mentorship, models, and most of all accountability.  Boasting its clients as acorns to mighty oaks is completely intentional; acorns take approximately 6-18 months to mature.  Once mature, they are sturdy and strong.

That is something to be said about the success of some its graduates who are some of  Nashville’s most iconic brands including Christie Cookie, Rolands Photography, and The Grilled Cheeserie.

I share with you an interview with the Executive Director Angela Crane-Jones who’s passion for entrepreneurship is both personal and professional.  Click more to see our conversation!



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Building a Business Around Your Personal Brand

I’m a lifestyle blogger, a content creator,  a brand strategist, and an event host.  That is my product.  But how do you build a business around your product?  Well, you work it.  One tactic is hosting a course or event around your passion to your community, establishing you and your brand.  The world is big, who can stop you right?My palms were sweaty and clammy, but fear is not real.

This was my first time hosting an event on my own strength.  That’s growth yall!

My palms were sweaty and clammy, but fear is not real.  Once I got started, I was rolling and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be!  Read more for the experience.

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Blogging the Ballet Ball 2017 Part One // The Rehearsal

The journey to figuring out my passion has been tough to initiate at times but looking back, it is so clear.  Of all the activities I attend/cover, they usually fall under the music and arts areas of the lifestyle category so when I received the invitation to attend the 2017 Ballet Ball I was more than thrilled.  Look over my blog — its main music, some rants, some developments, some people, but all somewhat centered around the music.  So combine the iconic Fisk Jubilee Singer in a performance with the Nashville Ballet, plus performances by Emmy/Grammy/Dove award winning (and super charming) artist Shannon Sanders and rock blues duo Muddy Magnolias.  I knew this was something special.  I love to get dolled for an event with a cause.  I believe in the music and the arts — the Nashville Ballet and the National Museum of African American music. It was almost like the Universe was giving me confirmation that I’m on the right path.  (Later I learned I was recommended by the National Museum of African American Music from my work on my blog and brand YUP. Opportunity. Straight like that. More about that later.).


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14 Reason I Love to Blog

14.  My blog site is my own piece of digital space.  Not Facebook’s.  Not Instagram’s.  MINE.

13. No Censorship.  I can say what want.  Luckily, I’m an intelligent young lady that doesn’t curse.  🙂

12. Blogging gives me a place to share my thoughts and get feedback.

11. The Blogger Communities and support systems are pretty awesome!

10.  Affiliates, Affiliates, Affiliates.  Some of you guys are giving brands FREE publicity and don’t even realize it.

9. Blogging gives me a reason to talk to ANYONE.

8.  Blogging gives me an audience which you begin to care about and be accountable to.  If I showed you guys an event, I feel obliged to write a blog post and tell you all about it.  If I decide to do a 30 day cleanse or challenge — guess who’s doing it with me?  YOU GUYS!

7. Blogging is an inexpensive business to run.  If you have access to the internet, you are halfway ready to start your own blog.   Seriously, it’s legit low overhead and high margin potential.  I can help you get set up by clicking here.

6. The opportunities are endless with the internet.  You can access anybody.  And there are international audiences you can reach as well.

5. There are so many ways to monetize a blog.  Selling products, services, referrals, affiliates, YOU NAME IT!

4. Blogging gives me the freedom of planning my work schedule and location.

3. Blogging allows me to be myself ALL DAY LONG.   No code switching necessary.

2. Blogging gives me instant gratification.  Every time I post, another picture of my story and the brand is introduced, helping my audience better understand who I am.

1. AND MOST IMPORTANT — Blogging requires me to get real with myself, be intentional, and to set and meet goals.

There — that’s 14 plus some freebie reasons why I love to blog.  Do any of you all have a goal to start a thriving blog this year?  Let me know.   I’ve created a Facebook Group, where we can share our brands and support each other.  I remember how timid and unsure I felt for me when I was first starting out.  Hopefully, I can be a bridge from your fears to your dreams through the power of online blogging and branding.

KB (Karla) is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Sociology and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Bethel University.  She is a Nashville Native and Lifestyle Blogger; a Free Spirit, and a Music Lover. Be sure to follower her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  If you need help starting your own blog, ask her how by emailing:


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