About Me

For Karla Burnett (KB), life is about the journey, not the destination, and she intends to document every step of the way! That is why she has taken her passion for adventure to the next level with her innovative lifestyle and society blog, Nashville Social Butterfly, which launched in January 2016. KB utilizes this platform to express her hometown pride and raise awareness of Nashville’s growing metro center and country charm. As a Creative Consultant, KB works behind the scenes, connecting brands with clients through her writing, network and social media presence.


KB believes in the authentic human experience, and her work is driven by a deep sense of compassion. This Nashville native pairs the age-old art of storytelling with the latest social media platforms to inspire thoughtfulness, promote social awareness, and open channels of dialogue around some of the society’s most sensitive topics. With her educational background in sociology and work history in the corporate sector, KB boldly brings issues such as racial justice, societal pressures, and stereotypes into the forefront.


A natural problem-solver, her innovative spirit, and endless optimism help her see each business challenges as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. KB partners with progressive social leaders, local business owners, entrepreneurs, and countless organizations to represent the unique, beating heart of Nashville.


Utilizing sponsored posts, giveaways, product reviews, advertising, and website and social media management, Nashville Social Butterfly provides a definitive guide to Nashville’s hidden gems, from an insider’s perspective.   Prepare to be immersed in the adventure of her intentional life.  You can follow her bubbly personality, easy smile, and outgoing personality at www.nashvillesocialbutterfly.com.





KB The Nashville Social Butterfly