Talib Kweli at City Winery

 City Winery has hosted a plethora of soulful acts and Talib Kweli (with opener Rashad Tha Poet) was a night for the hip-hop culture.  I always feel like I’m whisked away to when I walk into the performance hall of the City Winery. The ceilings are high and the ambiance of a dark house with candle-lit tables with the silhouettes of wine barrels is always a treat for an intimate and grown folks night at City Winery.

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Meet Me at (the) Crossroads Pet Store

This blog post is sponsored by Crossroads Pet Store located at 707 Monroe Street: crossroadscampus.org.

All photos are by Terrance Middlebrooks Photography:  www.terrancemiddlebrooks.com

Crossroads Pets is a non-profit, neighborhood pet store, groomer, dog wash self-wash and dog and cat adoption center located on the corner of Rosa Parks and Monroe in the North Nashville neighborhood Germantown. Roxy and I have been customers of Crossroads pets for the last three years.    I love small businesses and am thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you all about the products, services, and giving back of Crossroad Pets.

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Holiday Sweets with Gigi Cupcakes

Gigi Cupcakes was my go-to I’m having a bad day treat.  This time around Gigi’s reached out to me and asked me to sample their Fall Seasonal Cupcakes.  UH YEA!

I was given a gift card for cupcakes in exchange for this blog post.  All opinions are my own!

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The Word NO Translated

The saying goes “ask and ye shall receive”, right?  But how do you handle the No’s that are inevitable?  I will admit, while I get a lot of yes’ I also hear a lot of no’s as well.

How do I handle the discouragement that could come with no?  Read on for my boss tips on translating your no!

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TSU HomeComing 2017 — What’s New in Nashville

Welcoming all the TSU Homecoming guest for 2017 to Nashville.  I know when you come to the city you always remark about how much Nashville has grown.  Here are a few updates, in particular, to help you navigate New Nashville as it continues to morph and grow.  Who knows, you might come back a little sooner for a visit.
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Four Lessons in Car Buying

This post is sponsored by Cars.com and all opinions are my own.  Coming from a girl that purchased a 1994 Altima, a 2005 Altima, and a 2012 Altima Coupe, I’d like to share some of my list of things to consider when purchasing a new car.


Read on 4 Tips for Purchasing a Car using Cars.com!


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Cavalia Odysseo Nashville

So, just what IS Cavalia?

Cavalia is more than a circus, and I could describe it as a real life movie.   Cavalia Odysseo combines digital, live music, singing,  water, animals, and air for a show like nothing I’ve ever seen. Marrying the love of the horse, Cavalia touts superlatives like  “world’s largest touring production and traveling top, the biggest stage, the most beautiful visual effects, and the largest number of horses.”

In my own words, it’s one of the most extravagant, spare no expense, production that I’ve ever seen.  How many events come to town and bring their own stadium?  Think about that.  Also, I noticed the abundance of  billboards and signage.  Cavalia, I SEE YOU.  

Read on for more about Cavalia Odysseo and what it takes to bring the $7 million dollars live entertainment production to Nashville.

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Great American Eclipse 2017 at Adventure Science Museum

The Great American Eclipse passed the nation at the right time.  With so much division and turmoil in the world, the eclipse gave the nation a  reason to keep out head to the sky.    I mean to reiterate the wonder of the heavens, the moon was going to pass in front of the sun, blocking out said sun making the daytime turn night, and this cool shadow was going to fall on Nashville.  It’s pretty cosmically cool.

The city of Nashville was in full participation of the event with Davidson County schools closing in observation, and many offices and businesses allowed their employees time off to experience the one in a lifetime solar eclipse.

Like many of the angels in my inbox, a sweet friend of mine invited me to hang with their family and share the day at the Adventure Science Center.  Read on for the recap of my day and a video of my day.  I’ll spill the beans now….the cloud blocked my view.

I’ll spill the beans now….the cloud blocked my view.

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